Subproject coordinated by Alcatel-Lucent

In the frame of the sub-project SASER-SaveNet, coordinated by Alcatel-Lucent, the work of Alcatel-Lucent together with the partners is focussed on the development of technologies to enable replacement of IP-Routers in the network to a wide extend by novel, scalable, hybrid electronic-optical network nodes, which will be based on optical and electronic technologies having considerable higher availability and reliability compared to classical IP-router.

The work in this sub-project will be focussed on the architecture of such nodes and on the development and optimisation of components and subsystems for the investigation of note concepts and node realisation. For the planned approach of distributed network nodes a novel, basically modular architecture of the node hardware and software is essential. This approach improves the scalability of the data throughput and enables a flexible distribution of required node functionalities (routing, electronic or optical switching). Finally, the safety and reliability of such nodes will be increased, because failure and malfunction would have less impact on the whole node functionality.
A further target is the investigation of options for integration of the novel distributed nodes into a highly available and reliable network architecture by automatic network management and control.

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Dr. Eugen Lach