Three horizontal activities
coordinated by industry partners

“Opto/electronic components” coordinated by Finisar-DE
The cross-cutting project „opto/electronic components“ is lead by the SME Finisar-DE (former U2T-DU). The aim of this sub-project is to develop a common technology and component base for the three system partner Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia Siemens Networks, as well as ADVA Optical Networking.

The target specification of the components under development, i.e. tunable lasers, modulators and receivers, will be defined jointly by the system partners together with the partners of this sub-project. Afterwards the goal of this project is to research and develop novel concepts as well as more established o/e-component in different material systems, namely InP, GaAs and silicon, for different target applications, volumes & prizes scenarios, as well as different time frames for commercialization.

“Efficient electronic converters” coordinated by Socionext
The cross cutting project called: “efficient electronic converters” is lead by Socionect (former FSEU). The main goal is the research and develop of low power, ultra-fast and high-resolution electronic converters, which are required in all three pillar projects.

FSEU will work closely together with the partners and design and manufacture an ADC and DAC evaluation platform. This platform is essential for all partners in order to carry research and development into new, innovative solutions for state-of-the-art network and concepts. This project is aiming to use newest process technologies available and will enable also investigations into new test concepts

“Test infrastructure and system tests”  coordinated by Deutsche Telekom T-Labs
In the SASER-Q3 activity, the solutions of the sub-project partners are planned to be tested in an advanced fiber network infrastructure under realistic field conditions, to be provided by Deutsche Telekom. It is planned as a horizontal cross-sectional activity to get best synergy effects.
Together with the sub-project partners, the advanced test bed structure and reference scenarios will be planned as a basis for the field test, and Deutsche Telekom will provide the related test infrastructure including building and running the test bed.
In joint activities, the innovative technologies, functionalities, network concepts, and solutions of the related SASER sub-project partners are planned to be tested and assessed using the field installed infrastructure of the provided advanced test environment.
The results are planned to be documented and disseminated in reports, international journals, conferences and related standardization activities.


Dr. Andreas Steffan

Finisar Germany GmbH

Tomislav Drenski

Dr. Ralf-Peter Braun
Deutsche Telekom AG